News 2017

02-01-2018 – The Wheels on the Bus!!! 🚌🚌

12-12-2017 – Holly and berries 🎄🎄

12-12-2017 – Mistletoes!

11-12-2017 – Christmas collages 🎄⛄️

04-12-2017 – Melted snowmen ⛄️

30-11-2017 – This week we’ve been enjoying Goldilocks and the 3 Bears 🐻🐻

21-11-2017 – We’ve been enjoying Jack and the Beanstalk this week.

19-11-2017 – We concluded Nursery Rhyme week with Old King Cole and wore crowns to celebrate 👑👑

07-11-2017 – Emotions

06-11-2017 – This week we are learning all about our emotions

04-11-2017 – So lovely to get letters like this one

30-11-2017 – Amazing way to create firework pictures

31-10-2017 – We love fire engines and have created shape fire engines using rectangles, squares and circles

31-10-2017 – Whizz pop bang firework creations

31-10-2017 – Happy Halloween 🎃🎃🎃
Creations using apples cut in half and dipped in paint!

25-10-2017 – We’ve been painting!

24-10-2017 – Shape goat hats!!!

17-10-2017 – Diwali elephants

11-10-2017 – We’ve been using salt dough this week!

11-10-2017 – We love Mark making!

06-10-2017 – We love cars so much we’ve even been pairing with them today

03-10-2017 – We’ve been doing lots of Autumn leaves painting

26-09-2017 – We’ve been growing our own dinosaurs…..

21-09-2017 – We’ve been enjoying going Under the Sea and hearing all about the Rainbow Fish.

08-09-2017 – We’ve been learning our colours using blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and red paint.

08-09-2017 – This week has been all about numbers as we start the new term. Playing skittles, making number bark rubbings using our number logs and hearing our most well loved counting story Tip Tap Crab!

25-07-2017 – One of our favourite times of year celebrating Beatrix Potter’s birthday with lots of Peter Rabbit activities. Today we’ve been bug hunting and collecting leaves 🐞🐌

13-07-2017 – The end of the summer term is approaching so we’ve been baking cookies with smarties as a special treat!!!

05-07-2017 – We’ve been enjoying reading Handa’s Surprise and talking about what we like to eat, making our own place mats and baking bread just like the ‘Little Red Hen!’

03-07-2017 – Small World Play sea creatures and shells 🦀🐠🐳🐬

27-06-2017 – We’ve been enjoying our own mini sport days this week; egg and spoon, sack race, bean bag throwing and running……

20-06-2017 – After school Tiny Shines have been learning all about Eid.

20-06-2017 – We’ve been talking about ‘where we live in the world’ and making hand print pictures, black and white collages and decorating colour poems.

15-06-2017 – We’ve been finding different sized circles to make rosettes for Father’s Day!

13-06-2017 – We are busily creating for Father’s Day this week.

13-06-2017 – It’s Paddington Bear’s birthday and we loved hearing stories about him especially the one at the zoo so we could practice all our animal noises

06-06-2017 – After school Tiny Shines were truly inspired by our conversation about kindness and friendship today. They created these amazing friendship trees and are planning to take them into school to share with their teachers and friends.

05-06-2017 – We’ve been celebrating our friendships in our setting today and talking about kindness and sharing. We made our friends ‘friendship cakes’ 🎂🎂🎂 because kindness makes your heart glow.

31-05-2017 – We had an amazing visit to the Sea Life Centre today 🐠🐟🐋🐊🐢🍃🐳

30-05-2017 – Today we’ve been learning to recognise and match colours using balls and our parachute

23-05-2017 – This week we have all been talking about our families, making paper dolls to represent our families and reading all these great stories.

16-05-2017 – What language do you speak? We’ve all been learning French! We’ve been practising saying Bonjour! Counting to five – un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq and making counting rockets. We’ve learnt to sing Frere Jacques and really enjoy saying ding, dang, dong

15-05-2017 – What language do you speak? Today our Hungarian friends came and read us children’s stories in Hungarian.

12-05-2017 – Pre school Tiny Shines have been learning about 3D shapes. They have been practising their cutting skills and created cubes, cuboids and tetrahedrons!

10-05-2017 – We’ve all been enjoying making creations using different building blocks: star links, Octons and bristle blocks

08-05-2017 – This week we are focusing on Maths: space, shape and measure. We’ve been talking about 2D shapes, seeing how sand timers work, measuring our height, making shapes using lolly pop sticks and painting using 2D shape sponges……

08-05-2017 – A lovely letter thanking us for joining in the Giant Wiggle our donation

05-05-2017 – We found a bear in a cave on our bear hunt today

03-05-2017 – After school Tiny Shines have been playing We’re going on a bear hunt!

02-05-2017 – We are going I bear hunt…. Making binoculars and bear ears….

28-04-2017 – And our finale to a very busy week symmetrical butterfly paintings and our beautiful butterflies landing on tiny hands. Wishing everyone a very happy bank holiday

28-04-2017 – We’ve all been decorating pots to grow cress this week

25-04-2017 – My favourite activity in the Easter holidays was ….

25-04-2017 – After school Tiny Shines were so excited that three butterflies had arrived safely today so created beautiful art work to celebrate!

25-04-2017 – Bugs in jelly and planting lettuces

24-04-2017 – We’ve had a very busy start to the summer term learning about the life cycle of a butterfly; planting lettuces to feed caterpillars; creating butterflies and caterpillars using play doh; hunting for bugs in jelly and making butterfly pictures using pasta

23-04-2017 – Our summer term is about to start with the arrival of butterflies in the next few days….

04-04-2017 – Easter nests and egg designing by after schools 

03-04-2017 – This week we’ve started our ‘who we are’ project learning all about ourselves and how unique each of us is, creating life size cut outs of ourselves. We’ve also bee discussing emotions and how we feel. As we felt happy today we made a pizza with a smiley face 

01-04-2017 – New tiny arrivals let’s watch them grow 🐛🐛🐛🐛

31-03-2017 – Our pre school Easter card creations are outstanding using foam, felt, sequins, glitter and not forgetting the googly eyes 🌺🌸🌼

24-03-2017 – We’ve raised £50 during our ‘Giant Wiggle’ Event for Action for Children this week and have had great fun doing so! Thank you to everyone for your support 🐛🐛🐛🐛

20-03-2017 – This week we are enjoying lots of caterpillar and butterfly themed activities and of course The Hungry Caterpillar whilst supporting The Giant Wiggle for Action for Children 🐛🐛

13-03-2017 – We are really enjoying Dr Seuss stories this week especially the Cat in the Hat and Red Fish Blue Fish. Visit for Dr Seuss activities

10-03-2017 – Today we had Spanish class at the Hove Museum!

07-03-2017 – We’ve been enjoying one of our favourite stories Christina Katerina and the Box. We’ve turned boxes into cars and boats. What would you turn your box into?

02-03-2017 – Our World – Hove by after school Tiny Shines today 

28-02-2017 – This lovely story has helped us learn how they buy the ingredients and make pancakes in Kenya!

28-02-2017 – After school Tiny Shines have been enjoying a World Book Day scavenger hunt, reading their favourite books to each other and eating pancakes 

27-02-2017 – We’ve been learning about being healthy; how to wash our hands, what foods we should eat and how to brush our teeth!

27-02-2017 – vWe are celebrating World Book day everyday this week. Today we had a tiger from The Tiger who came to Tea, Miffy the fairy and a fairy-knight from Room on a Broom 📚📚📚

26-02-2017 – We’ve been discussing our British Values and Tiny Shines have used their creative talents to make this poster 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

22-02-2017 – These colourful animal magnets arrived at Tiny Shines today and the after school’s have used their phonic knowledge to name them all 

21-02-2017 – After school Tiny Shines have been designing their own toys today. They chose names for them and wrote all about what their toys favourite things are 

20-02-2017 – We’ve been painting using cotton buds today such fun!!

20-02-2017 – We’ve been using our fine motor skills to balance Lego on straws in play doh and learning our colours too.

14-02-2017 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

10-02-2017 – Today we went to Booth Museum and enjoyed clay making, painting, story time and singing as mini explorers! We saw real fossils and came home and crafted our own out of Lego so clever!

09-02-2017 – After school Valentine birds!

09-02-2017 – After school imaginary play …..

07-02-2017 – Love bugs 🐞🐞🐞🐞❤️❤️❤️

06-02-2017 – This week it’s all about Maths – numbers 123456789.

01-02-2017 – After school Tiny Shines designed their own Rooster for Chinese New Year!

30-01-2017 – Chinese New Year paintings, roosters, play doh and moon cakes 

29-01-2017 – Kung Hei Fat Choy! This week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year – it’s the year of the Rooster!

26-01-2017 – So much role play fun this week 

23-01-2017 – Where’s Teddy? We listened to lots of different sounds from around the home to help us guess which room teddy was hiding in!!!

20-01-2017 – We’ve been learning animals in Spanish today!

17-01-2017 – We’ve had so much fun discovering what animals are hiding in the Arctic foam????🐒🐰🐶🐻🐯🦁🐷🐮

17-01-2017 – We are all enjoying’What the Ladybird Heard’ this week, building farms and pretending to sound and move like the animals in the story!

11-01-2017 – After school Tiny Shines have been doing Gruffalo dot to dot numbers 1-102

10-01-2017 – We’ve been playing with ice cubes in the water tray they are cold and slippery 

09-01-2017 – We went Gruffalo hunting in the forest and saw a squirrel and a woodpecker. We saw the Gruffalo’s claws and arrived back to Gruffalo toast yummy 

09-01-2017 – This week we are being imaginative and enjoying ‘The Gruffalo’

06-01-2017 – Today we spoke about what makes us feel happy and drew a flower our white board and our comments in the petals 

06-01-2017 – Pre school Tiny Shines wrote thank you letters to Santa today 

03-01-2017 – We’ve been creating paper dolls….

02-01-2017 – Happy New from Tiny Shines! We are looking forward to starting the new term with a month of enjoying Julia Donaldson’s books as well as having lots of fun using our new white board.